em-kraz (em_kraz) wrote,

Life in Charlotte

So I've been down here for almost a month now. Things are going as good as can be expected. Our roommate is closing on his house tomorrow so this weekend is going to be a big move for him. My house is going to be in complete disarray again when he leaves.

My new job is OK. I was loving it at first. But my Creative Director is a total hack and tried to tell me that it is OK to send RGB files to the printer. I don't know what arrangement he has with his printer. Perhaps his printer does prepress for free. I don't know. In any case, I was put off by him going off on me about that. I didn't come down here to get a job so I can be spoken to in that way. I want to get away from that. Also the file system they have is totally disorganized. I find that it takes me more time to find images that I can work with than to actually do the work. I think that they are so set in thier ways that they are unwilling to change the way they work. It's really frustrating. I have a 6 week contract at Aquent and then from there they will decide if they want to hire me. So it all really depends on what happens with that.
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