em-kraz (em_kraz) wrote,

I ran so far away

Wow. I did the Chase Corporate Challenge today. For the first time in my life, I ran consistenly for 3.5 miles and didn't stop to take a break. Granted, I kept a slow pace of a 12 minute mile. My heart rate was pretty up there at 164 the whole time, I was surprised I didn't tank out. If the race was any longer, I probably would of. I completed the race in 37:42, which is a good point to start. Lots of room for improvement. Most importantly is that I survived it. Everyone siad I would and did. Not only that, I think I could of rode my bike home as well. If I only knew, I would of. I can ride my bike to work tomorrow, I can go to the gym and then ride home, no problem. But Mark is going to be out, so hopefully I'll get out in time for Angel's class. If not, I'll catch Yoga. And if I can't do that, it's up to my own training.
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